Is Your Pet Hurt Or Sick? Signs You Need Emergency Vet Care


Part of being a pet owner is knowing when your pet is hurt or sick and needs medical attention. Even though you may notice the animal is not feeling well, it can be difficult to determine if it is something you can handle at home, something you need to have a vet check at an appointment, or if it is something that requires emergency medical care. While there is nothing wrong with taking your pet in to an emergency clinic after hours if you are not sure, it can make you hesitate the next time something is wrong. If you are ever unsure, here are a few situations that always require you get to the vet as soon as possible.


While some cuts can be handled at home, if the bleeding cannot be stopped after five minutes of applying pressure, it is time to get professional help. In addition, anytime your pet is bleeding from its mouth, nose, ears or rectum, do not wait, get to the emergency clinic. Finally, if your pet is bleeding due to having been bit or scratched by another animal, it is important you get to the vet to make sure there is not a tooth or claw stuck inside the wound.

Vomiting and Diarrhea

Dogs and cats occasionally eat things they should not. Sometimes the result is a bit of an upset stomach that will settle after they pass what it was they ate. However, if there are more than three bouts of either vomiting, diarrhea, or a combination of both in under 24 hours, it could be something poisonous and you need to get to the clinic.

Lethargy, Staggering or Fainting

If you notice that your pet does not have any energy at all, struggles to get up, staggers, or faints, get to the veterinarian immediately. This could be a sign of poisoning, a serious illness or internal bleeding. The sooner you get to the vet, the better the chance of a complete recovery. Never assume your pet is just tired, it should only take a moment or two upon waking for him or her to be active and ready to go.

Pay attention to your pet. He or she cannot talk to you to tell you when there is pain or something feels wrong. Animals rely on you to take care of them, and that includes getting them to the vet when they need it. Put a number in your phone for an emergency hospital like Denville Animal Hospital so that you can get help quickly.


26 December 2014

A Guide to Avoiding Pet Emergencies

Animal emergencies happen quite often, and I have seen a lot of different injuries at the veterinary office I work at. Vehicle incidents, falls, and fights with other animals can all cause these injuries. Some of the most surprising emergencies I see though, are when pets eat substances that make them ill. Dogs and cats can both get sick by ingesting flowers, essential oils, and certain types of food items that humans eat. I even see some animals that become ill when they eat shoes, towels, and their own toys. I know that the vast majority of pet owners love their animals dearly. Most medical emergencies are purely accidental. You can easily save your precious feline or canine from harm as long as you know how the most common injuries occur. The articles posted here can help you with this, so start reading to make sure your pet remains healthy.