Just Get A New Dog? Prepare Properly For An Emergency

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A disaster, such as a catastrophic weather event or a fire, is not only devastating to you and your family, but to your pets as well. If you've just brought a dog into the family for the first time, take steps as soon as you bring them home so that you're prepared in the event you need to evacuate. This guide explains what you need to do to protect your pet during any type of disaster:

Apply Rescue Stickers

Purchase rescue stickers and place them on windows that emergency responders can see quickly. The stickers are small with the word "rescue" on them, so they won't take up much room, but trained professionals know to look for them. If there is a fire in your home, and you can't take your pets yourself, first responders will go in for you.

If you are able to take your dog out of the home, grab a marker and write "EVACUATED" across the sticker. In doing so, you'll alert the first responders to the fact that they can concentrate on other things because you have your beloved pet.

Know Where to Take Them

Call around to find establishments to house your dog in case of an emergency. Some of the businesses to call include:

  • hotels and motels
  • animal clinics
  • animal hospitals
  • local vets
  • out of town relatives
  • boarding facilities
  • known disaster shelters

Keep the addresses and phone numbers of all the places that will accept your pet in your wallet or phone. You can then call them quickly to reserve their spot.

Build a Pet Emergency Kit

If you're told you need to evacuate because of an impending storm, or if you must leave quickly because of a fire or flood, have an emergency kit ready to go. You'll have everything you need to help your dog and to keep anxiety levels down. Pick up a duffel bag and put these items in it:

  • medication
  • medical records
  • leash
  • harness
  • current photo of your dog
  • food
  • bottled water
  • two bowls
  • manual can opener for canned dog food
  • name and number of your vet
  • blanket
  • first aid kit
  • toys

Place the duffel bag near the dog's carrier. Make sure that both are in a location where you can grab them quickly.

Ask your local animal clinic for other ideas on how to prepare for a fast evacuation in the event of a weather emergency, fire or flood. Prepare for a disaster as soon as you bring your dog home, so that you're always ready to protect these furry family members.

To learn more, contact a company like Animal Emergency Care Centers.


28 December 2014

A Guide to Avoiding Pet Emergencies

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