Keep Your Cat's Teeth Healthy With These 4 Easy Tips


As your cat ages, their risk of feline dental disease goes up substantially, making it important for you to look into what needs to be done to cut down on the risk of your cat having poor dental health. In fact, many pet owners go years without realizing that their cat may be suffering from some form of dental disease. Making a habit of inspecting your cat's mouth is a good place to start, along with making use of the following tips.

Stick With Treats Designed for Tartar Control

Feeding your cat a few treats each day can be a great way to praise them for good behavior or while enjoying some time together. The type of treats you buy, however, can make all the difference in your cat's dental health. In fact, some treats are formulated specifically for tartar control. This makes them a welcome replacement for treats that may be causing more harm than good.  

Try Water Additives for Dental Health

Another easy way to take care of your cat's teeth without much effort is through adding a dental solution to your cat's water. These additives can help offer benefits such as tartar control, simply by being added to their water. In order for you to use this additive safely, you'll want to carefully measure out the appropriate amount and mix well before serving.

Get Your Cat Comfortable with Brushing

Brushing your cat's teeth may sound strange to do at home, but it's actually possible if you look into buying a toothbrush and toothpaste designed specifically for cats. In order for your cat to be comfortable while getting their teeth brushed, you'll want to start slow with a finger brush and have short sessions until moving on to a regular cat toothbrush and longer sessions.

Visit the Vet for Routine Dental Cleanings

For in-depth cleanings, you'll want to make an appointment with your trusted vet, who can act as a pet dentist. By visiting the vet for dental cleanings, your cat can safely be under anesthesia so that their teeth can be cleaned thoroughly. This can also help you get any dental problems addressed since your vet will be able to get a close look at the condition of their teeth.

Your cat's dental health is an important part of their overall health, so it makes sense for you to look into what you can do on your own. By taking the initiative to help keep your cat's teeth healthy, you can be confident that their teeth stay in great shape throughout their lifetime. 


14 January 2015

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