Curious About Dog Clicker-Training? 3 Tips For Success


If you are serious about training your dog, then it is a great idea to purchase a dog-training clicker to increase your chances of success. These clickers are very affordable, and when used correctly, they can help you train your dog faster and more efficiently. Clickers are not substitutes for good training methods, but they instead enhance your training methods. Follow these tips for success when trying out this "new to you" training tool. 

1. Don't Play with the Clicker

One way to derail all current and future efforts using your clicker for training is to play with it or let your children play with it when your dog is around. The key to clicker training is for your dog to always know that the sound of that click is something very meaningful. If you or your children play with the clicker around your dog, then he will become used to the sound, and it will no longer mean much to him. 

Keep your clicker out of reach to younger children, and make sure older children know that the clicker is "hands-off" at all times unless it is being used for training purposes. 

2. Treats Must Be Given with a Click

If you are wondering how the sound of a click can help with training your dog, then this tip will help you understand the technique further. You must give your dog a treat every time you snap the clicker. The key to clicker training is for the click to alert your dog that a treat is coming. 

Experts advise to begin this entire training method by having your dog sit by your side while you click, then give a treat repeatedly. This must be done at random intervals, so your dog never knows when the next click/treat is coming. Your dog will then associate the sound of the click with a tasty treat in his mind, and you can then move on to using the clicker to train. 

3. You Can Use the Clicker Outside of Training Sessions

The great thing about dog clickers is that they can be used during intense training sessions with your dog and they can be used other times your dog is acting desirably. For example, when training your dog to sit, you give him the "sit" command, then click/treat when he sits.

However, if you are trying to train your dog to sleep on the floor in a dog bed and not in your bed, your dog may catch you by surprise by lying in his dog bed in the middle of the day. You can then take advantage of this surprise by clicking and treating when you catch him in his bed. This helps remind him that sleeping in his dog bed is good behavior. 

Keep these tips in mind if you are new to or just considering clicker training your dog. Many successful dog trainers use clickers, but if you want to use one at home, then you must use it properly. For more help with dog training, talk to a professional, like Pet Medical Center


12 February 2015

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