3 Reasons Why The Miniature English Bulldog Makes A Great Pet For A Young Married Couple

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If you and your spouse are a young married couple, and are looking into getting a pet, then a dog is an excellent choice. Dog's are loving and loyal for the most part, and you will quickly find that they become a member of your family. However, even if you decide that you want to get a dog, you still need to choose a breed that suits you and your lifestyle. A great breed to look into getting is a Miniature English Bulldog. This article will discuss 3 reasons why the Miniature English Bulldog makes a great pet for a young married couple. 

They Do Well With Apartment Life

Since the majority of young married couples live in apartments at first, it is great to know that these dogs do well with apartment life. They have a mild temperament and are generally happy to lounge around the apartment. They do not require a yard to run around in, however, it is a great idea to take them for a short walk each day. This helps you to make sure that their weight stays in check, and they get in some needed daily exercise. This is also a great opportunity for you and your spouse to go on a walk together and simply enjoy each other's company and your newest family member. 

They Are Easy To Groom

Since grooming some dogs can be very time consuming and sometimes costly, it is good to know that these dogs require very little grooming. Most married couples are very busy with work and school, and money is tight, so having an easy dog to groom is another bonus. To groom your Miniature English Bulldog you will simply need to brush them for about 5 minutes or so daily, and then give them a bath when they need it. Since your dog will be indoors most of the time, they will likely not get too dirty, so baths 2-4 times per month should be just fine. 

They Are Great Family Dogs 

Most young married couples plan on having kids in the future, so if this is your plan, you want to be sure that you get a dog that is going to be good with your future children. Since Miniature English Bulldogs are very loving, friendly, and loyal, you will not have to worry about them being aggressive or unfriendly toward your future babies. Also, because they are so friendly, they will generally do well when you gather together with friends and family.


22 June 2015

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