What To Do If Your Cat Is Pregnant

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If you have recently found out that your cat is pregnant, you want to do everything possible to ensure your cat stays very healthy through the process. You should also do all that you can to keep them feeling comfortable. This article will provide you with helpful advice on how to care for your pregnant cat's health, how to help them feel secure during pregnancy and how to help them get through the birthing process.

Your pregnant cat's health

A cat that's expecting a litter of kittens will require more calories as her pregnancy progresses.  Along with offering your cat more food, you can also change to kitten food. Kitten food naturally has more calories than adult cat food since it is geared for growing kittens. You'll also notice that your cat will drink a lot more water when she is pregnant, so check and refill the water bowl often.

You should take your cat in for an exam so the veterinarian can look at her and determine whether or not there are any potential problems you should be aware of. Ask the vet if they would suggest any extra supplements for your cat while you are there.

Your cat's security and comfort

It's best if you get your cat used to staying inside during their entire pregnancy. This way, you know they aren't going to run off and hide somewhere outside to have their kittens. If birthed outside, kittens can become prey for all types of creatures from snakes to owls.

When your cat's due date gets closer, you should provide her with a birthing box that's out of the way and in an area she will feel secure in. if she shows no interest in the box, try moving it to different areas until you find one she likes.

Helping with the birthing process

Cats are very good at giving birth on their own. You should stand back and let her do her thing on her own. You will only be there to make sure an emergency doesn't arise. Don't be surprised if your cat picks somewhere completely different to have her kittens. If this happens, wait until the kittens are all born and gently move them and momma to the box. Or, you could move the box to the place your cat had the kittens and place them in the box.

Helping raise the kittens

Your cat will take care of the kittens on her own. You can keep a litter box where the kittens will have access to it. They will learn to use it from watching momma. When you start to notice the kittens trying to eat the momma cat's food, you can start offering them some softened food. You can soften dry cat food by adding warm water or kitten formula to it and letting it set for a few moments. Once the kittens are fully weaned, you can start looking for homes for them.

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7 August 2015

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