American Pit Bull Terriers: A Few Furry Facts About The Dogs With The Coats Of Many Colors

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Healthy pit bull terriers have silky-soft coats that are a joy to pat and stroke. To give your pit bull's coat the best support and care, you should remember the following facts:

Every pit bull coat is unique.

There is no "wrong" color for a pit bull. They can be spotted, blue, mostly black, brindle, or white. They may have black, brown, or pink noses to match. It's good to know the exact name for your pit bull's coat type, however.

If he gets lost, or your vet needs to identify him, having that precise information will help. It's a good idea to take front, back, and side pictures of your dog to have an even better visual I.D. in case of emergency. Email a copy to your vet for their files, and keep several copies yourself along with your pit's microchip information if applicable.

Pits aren't big shedders, but that comes at a price.

One of the nicest things about owning pit bulls is the fact that they are usually light shedders. With their fine, short hair, they'll never turn your carpets into fur-covered messes unless you never vacuum again. This makes pit bulls the perfect indoor dogs.

But their thinner coats also make them shiver and suffer when temperatures are too cold. Even when kept indoors, pit bulls may be susceptible to drafts and colder air near the floor, since heat rises. Help your pibble out by having a warm doggy bed available, blocking drafts, and purchasing doggy outerwear like sweaters, snow suits, and fleece-lined paw booties.

Washing a dirty pit is a challenge.

Some dogs love water, while other dogs fear bath time. If your pit bull is the latter type, you may want to enlist help with the task by asking friends to assist you or taking your dog to a professional groomer.

If you want to bathe your frightened pit bull yourself, pick a day and time when you won't be rushed, and take things slowly. Use treats, praise, and encouragement to coax and soothe your dog.

Also be sure to rinse all soap out of your dog's coat, no matter how often they give you that "Let's just get this over with!" look. Soap residue may irritate your pit bull's skin and cause them to scratch or develop rashes, so be sure to use your fingertips to check that all soap is rinsed from your pit bull's body.

If you're buying a new pit bull puppy or dog, the breeder or pet shop will give you more tips on coat care, dog bathing, and doggy clothes suppliers.


16 November 2015

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