Horrible Smell In Or Around Your Home? You May Have A Skunk

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If you smell something horrible in your house or outside your home, you just may have a skunk nearby. The smell is so strong that if a skunk sprays near the foundation of your home, it can permeate inside your home. Skunks spray when they are threatened, such as from animal or a human.  If you are having this problem, follow the tips below to get things smelling fresh again.

Signs There is a Skunk in Your Yard

A skunk may live nearby and it may even have babies, which adds even more to the problem. A skunk may live underneath your house or under a deck. If so, they will dig a burrow that can contains up to three chambers, and it could have many entrances. Each entrance will be about eight inches in diameter.

Skunks like to burrow in the ground as a place to live so you may notice holes in your yard. They are nocturnal animals, which means they sleep during the day. This makes it difficult to find them.

Why the Skunk Likes Your House

Skunks love a house where they have food available, such as from pet food, lawn grubs, vegetable gardens, bird feeders, and garbage. They also look for places they can live, such as the deck, porch, or a crawl space. Once they see they can eat and live comfortably, they will move in.

How to Remove the Skunk

If you find where the skunk is living, you should not try to remove it yourself. The main reason for this is they will spray you. You don't even have to be close to it, as skunks can spray up to 15 feet. Skunk spray can also make you sick. It can cause skin irritation, nausea, and even temporary blindness if you are sprayed in the eyes.

Instead of removing it yourself, call an animal control specialist to come to your home. They possess the training, tools, and knowledge to take care of this problem. They will usually set a trap to catch the skunk, and then dispose of it for you.

Once the skunk is removed from your property, you may have to take care of the odor if it sprayed near your home.  There are many home remedies you will find, but they generally do not work well for an odor such as this. Instead, call a technician that is certified in removing skunk odor. To learn more, contact a company like Animal Control Specialists Inc


5 February 2016

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