What To Do If A Pet Ingests Medical Marijuana

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Marijuana is becoming legalized and decriminalized in certain states particularly for medicinal use. While it's still classified as illegal, new federal enforcement priorities essentially discourage federal prosecutors from pursuing non-violent marijuana users. In light of this easing up of restrictions, it's not surprising that the Pet Poison Helpline is reporting a 200 percent increase in the incidence of marijuana poisoning seen in pets. According to an article in the Denver Post, dogs and cats like marijuana and will eat the herb whenever they can get their paws on it.

18 April 2016

Long Distance Moving: 3 Ways To Ease The Transition For Your Pet

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Moving to another state or country is often a stressful experience, yet it can be especially traumatic for pets that are exposed to too many new experiences in a short period of time. With a long-distance move, it may not be possible to use the typical strategies such as taking your dog to the new home for brief visits. Fortunately, there are still several ways that you can ease the stress for your dog so that they can have a smooth transition to your new residence.

8 March 2016

Horrible Smell In Or Around Your Home? You May Have A Skunk

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If you smell something horrible in your house or outside your home, you just may have a skunk nearby. The smell is so strong that if a skunk sprays near the foundation of your home, it can permeate inside your home. Skunks spray when they are threatened, such as from animal or a human.  If you are having this problem, follow the tips below to get things smelling fresh again.

5 February 2016

Buying And Handling "Poisonous" Amphibians For Sale In Pet Shops: Valuable Information To Make You Less Afraid

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Poison dart frogs, tropical rainforest frogs and golden frogs are all sold in pet shops across the country. They are so beautifully and brightly colored, and their tiny appearance makes you want to hold one. However, many people shy away from this kind of pet, worried that the biotoxins produced in the skins of these amphibians will kill them. While this is a great selling point, it is hardly the truth, and it can result in many curious pet owners shying away from buying these amphibians for sale.

8 January 2016