3 Ways Spaying Or Neutering Saves You Money In The Long Run


Most veterinarians recommend that pet owners who don't intend to breed their cats or dogs should have them spayed or neutered. Having them fixed doesn't just reduce the unwanted animal population, but it can also help you to save money in your pet's care in the long run. Here's how you can end up saving some serious dough by choosing to have your pet spayed or neutered now. 1. No Offspring

13 July 2018

Getting Over Your Own Anxiety From Taking Your Skittish Cat To The Vet


If you own a shy cat, you might be reluctant to take them to the vet for yearly checkups. This can seem like a scarring event for your cat, making pet owners nervous. Fears of your cat escaping, having anxiety, or being aggressive to the veterinarian can all cause even the best pet owner to avoid veterinary care. Here are four ways that you can get over your fears and get your cat ready for the vet.

28 August 2015

What You Should Know About Dog Teeth Before You Adopt A Puppy


Adopting a puppy is exciting, but there's also a lot to think about: vaccinations, microchipping, and neutering or spaying. One thing you may not have given much thought to is what to expect from your puppy's teeth. Here are a few pointers about what you puppy's teeth will go through in his first few years of life. Baby Teeth Fall Out You might be surprised to learn that dogs, like people, have baby teeth that will eventually fall out.

24 February 2015

Curious About Dog Clicker-Training? 3 Tips For Success


If you are serious about training your dog, then it is a great idea to purchase a dog-training clicker to increase your chances of success. These clickers are very affordable, and when used correctly, they can help you train your dog faster and more efficiently. Clickers are not substitutes for good training methods, but they instead enhance your training methods. Follow these tips for success when trying out this "new to you"

12 February 2015

Learn The Basics Of Cat Declawing


There are many cat owners who are apprehensive about declawing their cat. Understanding the reasons why declawing may be beneficial can help you feel more comfortable for the decision. Use the following guide to learn the benefits of declawing and what the process really entails. Why Declaw Cats? There are many reasons why some cats need to be declawed. If your cat has a tumor in their paw pad, removing the claw will make the situation less painful for them.

31 January 2015

Keep Your Cat's Teeth Healthy With These 4 Easy Tips


As your cat ages, their risk of feline dental disease goes up substantially, making it important for you to look into what needs to be done to cut down on the risk of your cat having poor dental health. In fact, many pet owners go years without realizing that their cat may be suffering from some form of dental disease. Making a habit of inspecting your cat's mouth is a good place to start, along with making use of the following tips.

14 January 2015

Building A Trusting Relationship With Your New Horse


You got a new horse, and you can't wait to get in the saddle, at least that's how most new horse owners feel. However, if you want to build a trusting relationship with your horse, you should start on the ground. This doesn't mean you can't ride soon, but does mean you really should gain the horse's trust out of the saddle before you hop on and ride. Horse trainers, riding instructors and equine veterinarians may have varying beliefs and use different methods, but you aren't likely to find one that will discourage you from developing a good ground relationship with your horse.

9 January 2015

Dogged Determination: Medical Alert Dogs Need Professional, Specialized Training


If you have a super-smart puppy on your hands, you might be thinking about training the dog to dial 911 in an emergency. This is more than a simple trick; dogs have been able to dial emergency services when their owners had health issues requiring immediate attention. However, this is not as easy as it seems. What you want to do requires more than just training to hit a phone button, and the methods you can use are likely to be inadequate for training the puppy to know when to dial, and not just how to dial.

30 December 2014

Traveling During The Holidays? Make The Right Decision For Your Dog


For first time pet owners who are getting ready to make a big trip this holiday season, decisions on what to do with your dog during the time you'll be gone can be difficult. For those traveling shorter distances via car, bringing alone your canine friend may be simple. Similarly, those who will be gone for only the day have little to worry about when leaving their dog at home. For those who are planning longer trips involving airfare, deciding where your pup should go can become incredibly harder to determine.

30 December 2014

Is Your Pet Hurt Or Sick? Signs You Need Emergency Vet Care


Part of being a pet owner is knowing when your pet is hurt or sick and needs medical attention. Even though you may notice the animal is not feeling well, it can be difficult to determine if it is something you can handle at home, something you need to have a vet check at an appointment, or if it is something that requires emergency medical care. While there is nothing wrong with taking your pet in to an emergency clinic after hours if you are not sure, it can make you hesitate the next time something is wrong.

26 December 2014