3 Reasons Why The Miniature English Bulldog Makes A Great Pet For A Young Married Couple

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If you and your spouse are a young married couple, and are looking into getting a pet, then a dog is an excellent choice. Dog's are loving and loyal for the most part, and you will quickly find that they become a member of your family. However, even if you decide that you want to get a dog, you still need to choose a breed that suits you and your lifestyle.

22 June 2015

Easing Your Cat Into Tooth Brushing

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Like any cat owner, you adore your pet and want them around you as much as possible. However, when your cat suffers from halitosis or bad breath, they can be hard to tolerate. However, training them to let you brush their teeth and help you take control of your cat's oral health and eliminate that awful stench. Start Young and Slow Contrary to popular belief, cats can be trained. It just takes a lot of patience and understanding the way cats learn.

3 June 2015

Litter Sitters: Three Things To Remember Before You Board Your Pregnant Pooch

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If your dog is expecting a litter, you probably scheduled vacations and business trips around the expected big day so that you will be present for the puppies' births. Despite best laid plans, unexpected events can and do occur. Should this happen to you and you find yourself needing to board your pregnant pooch, make sure that your veterinarian and boarding facility staff members are both aware of the situation. For even better results, keep these three additional tips in mind.

8 May 2015

Big on Love: How Your Dog's Extra Pounds Negatively Impact Your Pet's Health

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The United States is experiencing an obesity epidemic, and people are not the only ones affected. Over half of all dogs in America are overweight or obese. Unfortunately, those extra pounds increase your pet's chances of developing preventable health problems. Visualizing What Being Overweight Means For Your Pet Most people do not realize that they are sabotaging their dogs' healthy weight. For example, feeding your 20-pound pooch a bite-sized one ounce cube of cheese is the equivalent of you scarfing down one and a half hamburgers!

13 April 2015

Cat Facts That Every New Owner Should Know

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Congratulations on getting your first cat! You've joined a growing population of people who share their homes with these furry feline companions. The Humane Society of the U.S. says that cats outnumber dogs as the favorite domestic pet with 86 million cats and 78 million dogs living with their U.S. owners. You'll learn a lot about cats as you interact with your new pet, but here are a few interesting facts that will help you be a better cat owner.

17 March 2015

Tips For Figuring Out How To Afford The Pet Hospital

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One of the hardest parts of owning a pet is the expense of the vet hospital when it becomes sick or injured. Instead of simply hoping for the best or avoiding the proper medical treatment, you might want to look into the following tips for figuring out how to afford the vet hospital. This way, when your pet does need medical care, you will not have to worry about postponing it or turning your pet over to the humane society because you are unable to give it the treatment it needs.

22 January 2015

Need To Give Your Cat Medicine? Grab A Friend To Get The Job Done

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If your vet has given you pills to give your cat, you might be wondering how you're going to accomplish this task. It's not like cats simply gobble up the pill as soon as you put it near their mouth. It is more likely that you'll have to devise a plan to get it into their system. So, grab a friend and follow these steps to ensure that your cat swallows the pill every time you need them to.

29 December 2014

How Will You Know When Your New Bird Is Sick? 3 Tips For New Bird Owners

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If you want an intelligent, social pet that's inexpensive to feed and thrives in small spaces, a pet bird is perfect for you. However, you should learn something about bird care before you bring one home. Birds can be a bit trickier to care for than dogs or cats, especially if you've never owned one before. For example, it can be very difficult to tell if your bird is sick, because birds do their best not to show signs of illness – in the wild, illness means weakness, and that can make a bird a target for a predator.

29 December 2014

Just Get A New Dog? Prepare Properly For An Emergency

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A disaster, such as a catastrophic weather event or a fire, is not only devastating to you and your family, but to your pets as well. If you've just brought a dog into the family for the first time, take steps as soon as you bring them home so that you're prepared in the event you need to evacuate. This guide explains what you need to do to protect your pet during any type of disaster:

28 December 2014